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What’s in Store for Digital Marketing in 2019?

The digital marketing space is going to see a more exciting and eventful year. Although some trends are not exactly new, it will continue to dominate the landscape. Yet you can still feel the exhilaration because there’s a lot in store for consumers at large as well as the business entities. Here are the trends to watch out for.

5 trends that will rule digital marketing

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be amplified

When artificial intelligence first entered the scene, the world was confronted with a new technology that posed a threat to people. During that time, no one knew for certain what the future of AI is going to be. But today, artificial intelligence is set to rule the digital marketing realm.

AI is the perfect tool to analyze consumer behavior and buying or spending patterns. The technology is not only good for gathering data from various social media sources but helps businesses gain insight on how users and customers discover products and services.

In addition to the masterful utilization of information, artificial intelligence also serves as a cost-saving measure. On top of the substantial savings derived, businesses are able to accelerate growth. Plenty more will reap the same benefits once they adopt and fully embrace AI in 2019.

  1. Chabot technology will take root

An AI-based technology that is slowly taking root is chatbot technology. The use of chatbots will be prevalent and become an integral part of digital marketing in 2019. Chatbots are effective because of its instant messaging feature. Through a chatbot, you can interact with your customers and site guests in real-time, 24X7.

It is predicted that by 2020, tech-savvy businesses will set in motion plans to use chatbot technology. The technology is seen to be a prime mover in the banking and healthcare industries. Companies in these sectors are foreseen to realize savings in the billions of dollars.

What’s great about this is that chatbots can be more responsive, timely, and accurate. Since the entire buying history of a customer can be retrieved and analyzed, expect improved customer service while at the same time meeting customer expectations. Automating repetitive tasks is a bonus because humans can do more important work.

  1. Video marketing will gain more ground
Live video is gaining more ground and is increasing in popularity. A great number of businesses are using video marketing because it has been proven that viewers tend to share videos when they are fascinated. Some businesses contend that using video marketing has improved their conversion rate.
On the other hand, consumers who have watched product videos feel more confident in firming up in their decision to purchase online. Likewise, your website traffic will increase. A number of customers also call to inquire about a product immediately after viewing a video.
The perks of video marketing are limitless. That is why you see more and more  live broadcasts, product demos, interviews, and even behind-the-scenes presentations. If you want higher engagement with your target audience, video marketing will surely do the job.
  1. Programmatic advertising will be the new face

Companies would want to recover their investments and realize better ROI’s from their marketing campaigns. Programmatic advertising is a system developed to automate processes or transactions directly linked to placing ads on apps and various websites.

When used, placing ads and making purchases can be done at lightning speed. Thus, programmatic advertising is about to change the face of digital marketing. Imagine serving your consumers with the most appropriate buying opportunities which would lead to more sales. The system has yet to be perfected and issues such as data privacy and ad frauds need to be addressed.

  1. Personalized marketing will build deeper connections

Finally, the surefire way to gain more customers in 2019 is to personalize your marketing campaign whether in content, products, emails, and other message delivery tools.

Forget about the hit-or-miss or broad line of attack. You improve your chances of building deeper customer relationships and establishing brand loyalty with personalized advertising.


This year can be your banner year if you keep an eye on the trends. The only thing left now is to engage the services of a full-service digital marketing company with proven expertise in the industry. Nothing can go wrong if you do.