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The “X” Factor in Digital Marketing

The jump-off point of marketing technology can be traced back to the early 90s when digital marketing was first launched. Its genesis was so overpowering that it profoundly influenced consumer behavior moving into the new millennium.

In 2019, it is predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) will be the key digital marketing trend. However, despite consumers having a field day researching and choosing products online via search engines, AI won’t be the “X” factor that will firm up customer purchase decisions.

The “X” factor

Most enterprises are utilizing digital marketing to promote products and services. The medium has replaced the traditional methods whose effectiveness has greatly diminished in recent years. It’s true that the digital approach is the call of the times. It can reach a wider audience or zero in on a specific target market.

E-commerce made shopping more convenient but the human factor was lost in the process. People were so consumed surfing the internet and browsing websites that buying interaction became non-personal. Advertisers took advantage and the net was flooded with digital content, many of which are mediocre.

Today, the wind is blowing in another direction. Consumers seem overwhelmed by things digital and are beginning to clamor for the human touch. You’re seeing a change in digital formats that aim to bring back the human element. Webinars and online forums are among the tools being used to engage customers.

Pure digital gimmicks are no longer as effective

The modern consumer can see through the digital gimmicks and are no longer biting. They want more user experience than ever before. Hence, business entities should rethink their marketing strategies.

Do not waste your budget on digital marketing campaigns that lack intimacy. Technology will not build deeper customer relationships but the human touch will. If you want blockbuster sales this year, the best strategy is to leverage human interaction and combine it with your digital marketing campaign.

Human interaction will trample technology

Believe it or not but it is human interaction that will build deeper customer relationships and brand loyalty over technology. Even if your customers are tech-savvy, it’s no guarantee they’ll buy into your digital tactics. People don’t think purely in digital terms anymore.

The best in the digital marketing industry would always put the human aspect ahead of tech features. They value personal communication. Your money is better spent on a full-service digital marketing company that can deliver the ultimate user experience and meets customer expectations.

What will captivate customers at the present is a marketing campaign that has the perfect balance between the technical and creative. Unfortunately, only a few digital marketing outfits have that specialty and expertise.

Over-dependence on digital technologies poses a problem if your intention is to establish brand loyalty. The repercussion of the human-less approach is being felt by consumers.

Make the right move

Customer behavior continues to evolve- which is creating a dilemma for marketers and advertisers alike. People spend long hours on the internet and social media that tech-dependence is already to a fault. Marketing technologies are available and helpful but they should be treated as tools and not as the end all and be all solution.

The human element remains as the “X” factor as against artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Your marketing strategy should display the human side to make it more appealing and truly effective. Keep your focus more on customer experience rather than the use of technology. Make the right move now.