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Are You Using this Secret SEO Tactic?

(That has Nothing to Do with Written Content)

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SEO and written content go hand-in-hand. Or at least they used to. Back in what we can affectionately call the “old days,” if you wanted your search ranking to increase, you got backlinks via guest posting, you tightened up your website content to impress the Google bots and you started publishing articles left and right.

But the internet has evolved and now your best SEO tool has almost nothing to do with writing at all. That’s because your best SEO tool is video. The longer people stay on your site, the better it is for your SEO. It lowers your bounce rate and increases the average time spent on your site, which Google bots view favorably. This helps the bots prioritize your pages for the keywords you target. Having a video (or a better video) on a webpage that targets a keyword you and a competitor are both targeting will give you an edge in the SEO battle.

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With over a billion users on YouTube and 500 million Facebook users watching video on that site everyday, there is little doubt that video will account for almost three-quarters of internet traffic by the end of this year, as has been predicted.

Google now gives priority to pages that feature high quality video content, putting them at the top of search rankings, which means those pages lead to:

  • more unique visits,
  • better quality backlinks,
  • additional social shares,
  • increased click-through ratio,
  • wider brand awareness,
  • augmented lead generation, and
  • higher conversion rates.
The Secret
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While video in general is good to have for SEO purposes, the secret ingredient to all of this is animation. We fall in love with it as kids and we retain that love for animation as adults. That’s why animated videos are so effective at keeping people’s attention. They’re just naturally more compelling to watch.

In business, animation is best used for explainer videos to tell viewers what your product or service is and how it works. Unconstrained by those pesky laws of physics, animated videos are ideal for explaining complex products or services in ways that people can grasp quickly.

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Now, this isn’t to say that you should go out and get an animated explainer video made specifically for SEO purposes because that’s not their main purpose. It’s more of a fringe benefit of them. Their main purpose is to clarify your offering, promote your brand and increase your conversion rate. But, if you decide to get one created and you place it strategically on your site, you will see your SEO improve.

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